Family Therapy

Our dedicated therapist can help you address family issues

Couples counselling and marriage counselling is a form of therapy where couples visit us together or individually and work to resolve difficulties in their relationship or marriage. Matt McCormack, our dedicated counsellor, will provide an environment that encourages discussion with the aim of addressing any concerns or issues in the relationship.

Couples counselling can help couples re-establish realistic expectations and goals for their relationship and focus on areas for improvement such as communication, intimacy, sexual issues, infidelity, behavioural problems, conflict, domestic abuse, health, family issues, finances and bereavement.

Relationship counselling provides a safe and caring environment to discuss difficulties. The relationship with your therapist will be very significant in forming the basis for positive therapeutic work. Matt McCormack is committed to helping people build lasting and loving relationships in a professional and confidential setting.

Discovering the source of problems, gaining insights and developing techniques for overcoming relationship difficulties are often based in communication, trust, commitment and individual couple issues.

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Our Family Therapy Services Cover

  • Ageing

  • Death and grieving

  • Divorce

  • Illness

  • Mental health and substance abuse

  • Moving

  • Trauma

  • Unemployment

Frequently Asked Questions