Family Therapy

Our dedicated therapist can help you address family issues

Family therapy is a type of group psychotherapy. Family is defined as a group of people who call themselves a family and care about each other. This could include aunts and uncles, caregivers, cousins, friends, grandparents, brothers and sisters, parents and children, partners and other professionals that are close to the group.


The goal of the therapy is to help everyone support and understand each other. Families who are feeling angry, overwhelmed and sad can benefit from this form of therapy as it addresses harmful behaviours and establishes steps to take in order to move forward as a whole.


Family counselling can help family units deal with changes associated with ageing, death and grieving, divorce, illness, mental health and substance abuse, moving, trauma and unemployment. Our therapist, Matt McCormack, works with families in a safe and confidential environment and facilitates discussion with every member of the family unit.


Therapy can support families by making the changes in their lives that will enable them to build upon the work carried out in sessions and into practice in real life. A Cherished Mind place you at the centre of therapy.

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Our Family Therapy Services Cover

  • Ageing

  • Death and grieving

  • Divorce

  • Illness

  • Mental health and substance abuse

  • Moving

  • Trauma

  • Unemployment

Frequently Asked Questions